Eastern Service & Recovery Company provides you with over 200 years of employee experience in handling insurance-related losses. Our staff quickly and accurately compiles detailed written inventories for claim purposes. We apply policy considerations to determine how to best utilize our experience and maximize the value of our service to our customer. We anticipate potential problem areas and keep the adjuster informed regarding our progress and recommendations. Our formal inventory reports are complete with supporting documentation and photographs.



We offer our experience in helping to determine the best venue for sale of distressed merchandise. We keep abreast of current market values and maintain contacts in every market for the sale of distressed goods. Our staff is well qualified to evaluate damage and to determine the potential net worth of merchandise in a damaged or distressed condition. We provide formal written reports with our informed estimates of the post-loss value and our estimate of the salvage value based on our historical sales of similar commodities.



Often only the packaging is damaged by smoke or water leaving the contents intact. We have facilities for drying clothing stocks and repackaging assorted merchandise. We also have special machinery for reconditioning cans of food or other commodities.



Eastern Service & Recovery Company is experienced in assisting marine and property insurance companies in maximizing the recovery value of damaged goods.We provide professional assistance in inventory service, loss and damage reports, reconditioning and disposition of virtually every type product, raw material and commodity.

Our personnel are trained to respond quickly and efficiently in order to minimize the loss and increase the potential for a better net recovery. We possess demonstrated abilities in a wide variety of loss situations and have won broad acceptance with our professional and ethical business practice.

When a sale of distressed or abandoned inventory cannot be performed on site we have the manpower and facilities to move the stock so that it may be reconditioned or otherwise prepared for a pending sale. Our 50,000 square foot warehouse is located in central Philadelphia.



Once a product is ready for sale we utilize one of several means to capture the best return on the value. Depending on the type of commodity, the existing market conditions, the amount of damage and many other factors, we select one of three methods of sale:

            Negotiated Sale

            Sealed Bid Sale

            Auction Method


In addition to printed modes of advertising we advertise via the Internet to our network of buyers. This website is also a source of advertising to outside sources. 



Our staff is fully experienced in determining the various values associated with the operations of both insurance companies and financial institutions. We prepare our formal reports to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice. Our affiliated auction company, William F. Comly and Son of Philadelphia, PA augments our staff with fully accredited appraisers with special expertise in machinery and knowledge of the real estate market.